Wicked self watering herb planter

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Take the stress out of herb growing with this self-watering plant pot! Made from recycled materials you can enjoy herbs in your home, hassle free. 

Designed by GSA Product Design Engineering student Rachael Hughson Gill.

Rachael Hughson Gill"Handmade to make hand making easier. This Wicked self-watering plant pot is made from a recycled Arbiki gin bottle, hand cut to make growing herbs in your home easier and more stylish. The glass lets you see your plant grow and observe the magic of capillary action within the wick taking water from reservoir to plant pot above, keeping your plant healthy and hydrated. Letting you concentrate on the important stuff, like beautiful meals and gin cocktails without the plastic packaging and air miles that used to come with using fresh herbs."

Limited edition design available 7th - 17th December while stocks last.

Exclusive to The Glasgow School of Art Shop.
Made in Glasgow.

Dimensions: 18.5 x 8.5 cm
Materials: Recycled glass
Usage instructions: Plant into the top section of the pot ensuring that the wick is covered with soil. Fill bottom reservoir with water. Keep topped up with water making sure the level does not drop below the coloured bead.
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