Poppy and the Blooms

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Illustrator Fiona Woodcock creates another magical children's book suitable from ages 2 and up, following her debut book Hiding Heidi. Poppy and the Blooms stars four charming little characters, Poppy, Dandy, Bluebell and Buttercup. These wildflower children find that the last green space in the city is soon to be paved over and need to act fast. A truly colourful page turner as these zesty characters spread joy and brightness to the grey, lifeless streets. A story showing that small changes can make huge positive impacts - perfect bedtime reading that will leave you smiling!

Made in the UK.

ISBN: 9781471147777
Dimensions: 28.6 x 1 x 24.9 cm, 32 pages
Materials: paperback
Product code: 901356

Fiona WoodcockDesigned by GSA graduate Fiona Woodcock.
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