House keys

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A charming place to keep your keys, with a keyring for each member of the household.

Designed by GSA Product Design Engineering student Louis Slorach.

Louis Slorach"'House keys' are a place for everyone's keys. The inspiration comes from the idea that a house is only a home when everyone is together. The product is hand crafted from ash, bocote, spalted beech, util and walnut from sustainable sources."

Limited edition design available 7th - 17th December while stocks last.

Exclusive to The Glasgow School of Art Shop.
Made in Glasgow.

Dimensions: 8.5 cm x 7 cm x 4 cm
Materials: Ash, bocote, spalted beeach, utile and walnut
Care instructions: Use included template on packaging to mark screw placement on wall. To attach to plasterboard walls, use included screws and rawplugs. To attach to wooden and brick walls, just use screws
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