1.8 Kilograms bookends

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Add some heft to your bookshelves with these bold bookends cast in concrete and colourful resin.

Designed by GSA Product Design Engineering student Alistair Byars.

Alistair Byars"Set of concrete and epoxy resin bookends. Each block is cast over a 5-day period and finished with a labour intensive process of hand sanding and polishing to bring the resin to a high gloss. Place near a light source to illuminate the resin."

Limited edition design available 7th - 17th December while stocks last.

Exclusive to The Glasgow School of Art Shop.
Made in Glasgow.

Dimensions: 14 cm x 10 cm x 7 cm
Materials: Concrete and epoxy resin
Care instructions: Concrete surfaces are sealed to improve water and stain resistance. Slight imperfections are due to the handmade nature of the product. To remove fingerprints, buff with a dry microfibre cloth.
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